Mackinac Island Elopement : Robin + Chris

This one is a love story that spans a few decades! Robin and Chris met when they were in their 20’s, but didn’t make it official until they reconnected many years later.

They married on the beautiful Mackinac Island in Michigan on a summer day. The flowers were in bloom and they took advantage of the all the beauty of the Grand Hotel.

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Photography: Andrejka Photography

Ceremony: Little Stone Church 

Their Story

Robin and Chris met in their 20s when she applied for a summer job. In Robin’s words…”Why in the world I chose a Midas Muffler shop to apply for a counter girl position is beyond me! I was never interested in auto mechanics and I am a girly-girl 🙂 But for some reason I thought it would be an easy summer job to make a few dollars for school. I walked in and told the manager behind the counter that I would like to apply for the job. He was very sweet and had a nice smile. He gave me an application and said I could take it home and fill it out and bring it back another time. I felt that he wasn’t interested in hiring me and suddenly I felt like I just had to have this job. I asked him if I could just fill it out there and he said yes. I stayed to fill it out and ok it back to him at the counter. He read it and said “ok come on back” and gave me an interview. He was very personable and I really liked him. He liked me too and hired me on the spot. I started the following week.”?

“He and I worked very closely together in the shop for about 6 months. We had a great working relationship. Eventually we became very good friends and we were definitely attracted to each other. But it wasn’t the right time. He had obligations and I was 23 years old! I was getting ready to go to school full time and I was very excited about it. I felt it was all a mistake and blamed myself for getting involved.

It was Christmas time so we didn’t see each other for awhile. His family lives in Milwaukee and he went to visit them. When he came back I was gone – off to school.”?

Flash forward to 2019:

As Robin tells it…”I was sitting in my DC apartment and thinking about people from my past. I had started reconnecting with people from my past from all decades and it was very gratifying. I thought about Chris with friendship and admiration and thought I would reach out and say hello. He was a big part of one of the important times in my past so I wanted to know about his life and how he was doing. I sent him a Facebook friend request and the rest is history.”

He often tells the story of his reaction when he received it. He said he about fell out of his chair. Evidently when he got back from Milwaukee that Christmas in 1984, he decided he wanted to be with me so he tried to track me down. He went to several places over the next few years and tried to find me. It was before the internet so he used the phone book. He finally found me back in my home town 5 years later and sent me a letter that said everything BUT how much he loved me. He said he wanted to see me even after all this time. I ripped it up! I felt it was a bit too late and I didn’t understand his true feelings.”?

Robin and Chris chose to be married a year to the day after she reached out to him. As she writes, “We started conversing via text and it didn’t take long to find out how he had really felt back then and the more we talked I realized I still had very deeply buried feelings for him. After texting for several weeks, we started seeing each other and we have never been happier! We are so fit for each other and feel we have finally arrived.” In fact they now own the same Midas Auto Service store they met in way back in 1984!!”