Pretty in Pink Microwedding at Red Rock Canyon : Tati + Katie

Red Rocks, two awesome brides and lots of pink pretty much sum up this amazing microwedding.

It may have been plan B or C or maybe even D, but I think that they would tell you it was perfect. With the help of their planners they found the perfect spot in Red Rock Canyon to say I do with a just a handful of guests present.

Some cake and champagne followed and it was time to live happily ever after!

Planner: Elopement Las Vegas

Photographer: The Emerics

Officiant: Peachy Keen Unions

Location: Red Rock Canyon




Katie had been in the school near the Columbine shooting in Colorado, so since then, she explained her mentality in life is that, “tomorrow is never promised.” Therefore, it’s always important to express your feelings and love in that moment, never leave angry, or fall asleep upset. I couldn’t agree more. Our relationship has so much love, I knew she was the one.

I was going to propose in Hawaii at the top of a hiking trail during our trip in August. But with the ring already purchased in February, tucked away hiding… I thought, ask now and if it works out, get married in Hawaii.

I work the night shift. Katie loves chocolate. So I picked up chocolate pancakes for breakfast. After eating, we were sitting on the couch and just talking about how my night went. I told her that one of my coworkers had this one relaxation/visualization technique. I told her to close her eyes, envision yourself at the beach, just you and me. Feel the sand in your toes, smell the salt in the air, hear the waves coming onto shore. Can you sense it, do you feel there? As she says yes, I told her to open her eyes… and I got down on one knee with the ring and popped the question.


We both love getting outside, obstacle races, fun in the sun. I introduced Katie into hiking at Red Rock while it was cooler. So we both agreed Red Rock would be a good location. And of course, the color pink.


The proposal was in March before anyone had even started being quarantined. We had picked to get married in Hawaii on 8/22/20 and already sent out save the dates. The company we were going to go through was @weddingsofhawaii and since I did put a deposit to save the date, we’d be using them for a vow renewal in the future.

Our first location choice was Kawela Bay. Then Turtle Bay, the hotel, wasn’t going to open. Then we changed it to Waialae Beach…. and then the 14day quarantine got extended pass 8/1.

I knew Katie wanted a beach wedding so at first we were going to wait.

But with all the uncertain travel/restrictions due to COVID, we didn’t know when that would even be possible. Especially seeing Hawaii’s numbers increasing, we didn’t want to keep planning month to month.

That’s when we decided to just do it in Vegas. I began to look up sites online and fell in love with your (the planners) site. The set up and photos, the idea that we could incorporate everything there on site, it was all we needed and wanted.

I mean, with a month to plan, I couldn’t have been any happier with how it all turned out.


We took separate cars to the wedding. Leaving the hotel and looking out towards red rock, it looked over casted and some would say gloomy. The weekend had a heat advisory so it was about 10 degrees hotter than what we were anticipating. So that big cloud over red rock, to me, was God’s gift to us…. He was saying, I know it’s hot so here’s some breeze and shade for your day. But, with the audio, we were concerned it’d be too much wind. And I swear… as the ceremony was about to start and Tale as old as time started playing, the wind stopped. My heart paused and there she was. It was all so real, it was happening, we were getting married!

Champagne bottles don’t always pop as easy as the movies make it look. Lol.

Don’t leave me in charge of cake slicing. I made such a small sliver. Katie’s the chocoholic, she should’ve took the lead on that one.

We both were obviously never married, I was about to put my ring on her finger and she was about to put my ring on the right hand instead of left ????


Our outfits were picked out for the beach. Comfortable, not too formal. It didn’t surprise me that Katie went for the short pink dress. Lol. I was originally going to where Birkenstock’s that matched the same leather color as my belt since we’d be walking on the sand. But once that changed I was lucky enough to find wedges with the same leather as my suspenders. I got the belt, suspenders, vow books, and ring box personalized on Etsy. The thank you stickers that covered the bath and body works logo on the hand sanitizers was done by my friend. We had also these wooden fans that were personalized but forgot to give it to the guests beforehand. It was left in the limo.


Tomorrow is never promised. Do what you feel is right for the both of you because in the end, it’s your moment. I’m so glad I added the video, I was on the fence about it and Katie said to just do it because she knew I’d regret it if I didn’t. Don’t be afraid to speak up if there’s certain shots you want captured. We wanted our piggy back photo and I of course wanted to rock the bouquet on some solo shots.

Even if you think you aren’t going to cry, have a tissue accessible.