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What If We Elope was something I had been kicking around in my head for a couple of years. I’ve been a wedding and elopement photographer for nearly 12 years with the last 5 being focused on elopements and intimate weddings.

Day after day I’d see photographers and other vendors asking in online groups how they could get into elopements. And I quickly realized that something like this site needed to exist. There are a million wedding websites out there, but what if you don’t want a traditional wedding? What if you don’t want 200 guests? What if you want to run off and get married on a Tuesday with just the two of you. Where were those weddings being featured? And the answer was pretty much nowhere. Rarely do you see an elopement on the bigger wedding websites.

So I wanted to find a home for those of us who want to break all the wedding rules and show couples that their wedding day can be whatever they want it to be. Thus What If We Elope was born! I can’t wait to see how it grows and to help bring elopement vendors and couple together all over the world to create magic!

I would say to meet the team below, but as the site is just getting kicked off it’s only me! I have plans to add on some help in 2020 with blog submissions, social media etc. and we get things going. So for now, meet me!


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  • Becky Brown - Owner
    Becky Brown - Owner

    It's me! I'm Becky, the owner/creator of this site and a photographer based in Chicago. I've been photographing weddings for nearly 12 years and launched Elope to Chicago in 2014. Under that brand we have hit almost 200 elopements so I like to think I'm doing something right in the wedding world! Check out some images in the gallery below.

    Photo by Carrie Holbo Photography

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