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As much as we love to blog, it’s super helpful to hear from other vendors so it’s not just all our advice and perspectives!

If you’re here we hope it’s to submit an article or idea for the blog. We are open to any and all ideas for publication at this point.

Whether it’s tips and tricks for eloping or having a tiny wedding in a specific location, city, area, or national park that you’re very familiar with or ideas for how to start planning. We’d love to hear from more than just photographers too. So if you’re a planner, a florist, and officiant, a videographer and hair and makeup artists, a venue owner etc. please feel free to submit.

You do NOT have to be a member on our directory to be featured for publication, but we will give those people priority.



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    Please include any images that you would like us to include with this article. We need a minimum of 10 for publication. Please no more than 30ish though. If you are not the photographer please be sure that you have permission to share these.
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