Backyard Seattle Wedding: Lisa + Amanda

If there is one thing that came from the pandemic that I hope sticks around it’s backyard weddings!

I love the intimate feel of getting together with your nearest and dearest to say I do and have a more laid back causal day with them. It can’t be beat!

Here are some words from their photographer about Lisa and Amanda’s day! :

“Lisa and Amanda’s wedding was originally planned for Memorial Day weekend. Smack dab in the middle of the lockdown. They took all the mandated changes — first, changing their wedding date, then the venue and guest list, and finally had to nix their reception plans altogether — in stride. Throughout the process they were always calm and kind, no matter the unexpected circumstances.

When I arrived at their house to photograph their backyard ceremony, it was no surprise that Lisa and Amanda’s kindness was echoed by each of their guests as well. The atmosphere in their home was so uplifting, relaxed and supportive. Everyone needs friends like theirs!

The ceremony was held in their gorgeous backyard. It looked like a Pacific Northwest paradise! There was ivy trailing the fences, endless greenery and large, looming trees. Seattle living at its best. What felt serendipitous to me though was their deck. A pergola was built into it, the perfect size to be used as a Chuppah.

Amanda and Lisa stood under it as they shared a Jewish ceremony. The signing of the Ketubah (a traditional marriage contract), the tradition of circling of one another and sharing of wine all went beautifully as expected. It wasn’t until they were about to exchange rings that the ice cream truck’s music interrupted and had everyone in stitches! After a lot of laughter, they continued the ceremony, kissed, broke glass, and shared a Yichid, or private moment, together.”

It was a beautiful wedding. Relaxed and easy-going, calm and intimate. Perfect by my account!

Photography: M. Laine Photography

Location: Private Residence