City Hall Elopement in Boston: Linda + Mo

Today we’re headed over to Boston for Linda and Mo’s city hall wedding! They were joined by Linda’s sisters and Mo’s parents as they said I do and strolled around the city for some photos.

Ironically the couple actually met at a wedding themselves! So when it came time for their day and elopement in the city they love made the most sense.

Enjoy some photos and Q&A from the couple below!

Photography: Bella Wang Photography

Ceremony: Boston City Hall

How did you two meet?

I was coordinating a wedding and Mo happened to be a groomsmen at the same wedding however we didn’t hit it off until 2 years later when we bumped into each other at our favorite restaurant.

How did you decide eloping was the way to go for you?

Mo and I decided to get married in Boston City Hall on our 3 years dating anniversary! The reason we decided to choose this route is because coming from a Chinese and Indian family, we had way too much family to invite if we did a ceremony and reception and also a lot of traditions which will probably take days. We really just wanted something small and private.

How did you decide on the location?

Mo and I decided we wanted to make Boston the focal point of our intimate ceremony because we both love Boston and we wanted to make sure it was included in our celebrations.

Did you tell everyone ahead of time you were eloping? Or wait to break the news later?

The only people we told were our immediate family. My sisters and Mo’s parents were our witnesses. We wanted our friends and the rest of our family members to be surprised.

What was your favorite part of the day?

I think we could both agree our favorite part of our wedding day was when we got to read our vows. We were both so excited for it and when the moment came it was really special and intimate.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings?

An advice I would give to couples planning their elopement is so it for you! Eloping is not for everyone and I’m sure family and friends will all have an opinion on how, where and when you should get married. At the end of the day, it truly was the best decision for the both of us and our families.

Wedding Portraits by Bella Wang Photography

Wedding Portraits by Bella Wang Photography

Wedding Portraits by Bella Wang Photography

Wedding Portraits by Bella Wang Photography

Wedding Portraits by Bella Wang Photography