Colorado Jeep Adventure Elopement: Paula + Rob

Paul and Rob got more of an adventure than they had originally planned on for their elopement day when late season snow fell in Colorado.

Luckily their photographer Cara with Wild Earth Weddings was there to help and document the whole thing.  Here are a few words from her about their amazing day!

” Paula had originally planned to elope in Telluride, but with the annual bluegrass festival happening, I knew that it would be hard to get around and more crowded in the popular mountain passes. I suggested Yankee Boy Basin- a stunning and adventurous 4 x 4 Jeep road in the San Juan Mountains, accessible through the nearby town of Ouray.

With Colorado’s unusually heavy and late snowfall this year, we lucked out at the last minute- the snowplow heros at Ouray County Road and Bridge crew had JUST cleared the road enough by mid June for us to take the first Jeep of the season up the pass.

Although rain and lighting had been coming down all weekend, our luck held and the storm passed in time for our private tour. Guided by our driver from Switzerland of America Jeeps- we began the ascent, passing avalanche debris- fallen trees and huge boulders- as well as historic and abandoned mines. Our driver was part tour guide and shared many stories about the history of the mines and the town of Ouray, and pointing out sights along the way.

Once at the summit, our Jeep driver walked Paula down the “aisle” towards Rob, and they shared their vows privately surrounded by towering peaks and sweeping snow drifts.

After photos in front of towering 18 ft snow walls, we headed back down the mountain. Paula and Rob signed their marriage license in downtown Ouray right on the hood of the Jeep! The driver from Switzerland of America Jeeps and I were both honored to sign as witnesses.

Southern Colorado is such a fun and adventurous place to elope- and you’ll never regret the extra effort it takes to reach the most spectacular views! ”

Scroll down to enjoy photos and some Q&A from the couple.

Photography: Wild Earth Weddings

Jeep Tour: Switzerland of America Jeeps

How did you meet?

Rob and I met at work. I saw him walking in and out of the call center we worked at and he was always smiling. I then asked my friend about him and she introduced us. Rob was such a gentleman and a hard worker.

What made you decide to elope?

Rob and I have both been married before. We both have four children. Planning a wedding was not only expensive, but stressful. We wanted it to be about us only, our marriage, so we planned a fantastic vacation and decided to elope while on vacation. We picked a beautiful spot in Colorado, shared our feelings and commitment and made it official. It was beautiful, no stress and simple.

How did you decide on the location?

We definitely knew we wanted to go to Colorado. We weren’t sure of the exact spot until I spoke with Cara, our photographer, who made a few recommendations. One of the places she recommended was the Yankee Boy Basin outside of Ouray, Colorado. It was perfect!

Did you tell anyone about your plans ahead of time?

We told our family once we booked our plane tickets and hotel. As far as our friends, we didn’t tell anyone until we landed in Colorado and even then we only hinted about it. Once the little ceremony was over, we posted a picture and announced to everyone on Facebook.

What was your favorite part of the day?

The entire day was exciting! The anticipation and getting ready, it was hard to believe our special day was here. We had an amazing ride up to the ceremony spot, and our guide was so informative and knowledgeable of the area.

Do you have any advice for couples considering eloping or planning their elopements?

I highly recommend eloping! It’s so tempting to plan this huge wedding and invite everyone, but remember it’s about the two of you. So many times we focus on the wedding, the dress, the flowers and we forget it’s really about the two of you and forever! How nice it was to runoff and plan the best vacation and get married on that vacation and come back to no debt! Eloping took away all the stress and made it just about the two of us.