Colorful San Deigo Elopement: Danielle + Gabby

I’m a sucker for bright and vibrant colors so I fell in love with this elopement from the second I saw it. Danielle and Gabby got married outside at the San Diego Courthouse with a couple of guests present. I love the floral dress and all the interesting mosaic tiles and bright blue skies!

Here are a few words from their photographer Paul about the coupe and the day:

“Danielle & Gabby wanted a simple and minimalist wedding with just 2 close friends. They wanted it to be a special moment just between them and to announce to friends and family afterwards! Gabby did her own hair and make-up and made her own bouquet out of lavender to represent her mother who passed away several years ago. Gabby’s wedding ring belonged to Danielle’s mother who passed away as well. It was the perfect way to have both their mom’s near for their special day. Their day was full of giggles and tons of love! Wishing Danielle & Gabby a lifetime of happiness! ”

Photography : Paul Douda Photography

Location: San Diego Courthouse

Story from the Bride (Gabby):

How We Met: It was New Years eve in Madison, Wisconsin which made it a bitterly cold night but the local bar was absolutely packed and absolutely hot. Of all the people in the bar, I immediately noticed Danielle but remembered my declaration to my friend Amanda– I am not going to meet any one tonight. I was determined…ish. That night Danielle had a made a declaration to her friends as well–she was going to meet her future wife.

After the new year was rung in, I began walking back to my friend when I was hit with the most creative and ingenious pick up line ever told in the history of all pick up lines–“Hey, you’re cute”. I stopped, remembered my declaration, and then promptly threw it out the door. We started the New Year of 2014 together and have never parted since.

How She Proposed: Danielle had planned a super top secret trip to the northern forrests Wisconsin for us which I knew was the weekend I’d be getting engaged no matter how much she denied it. Before we made it to our cabin, Danielle asked we stop off at a location only she was privy to. When we arrived and jumped out on to the snow cover ground, a sleigh pulled up. A real sleigh with a team of horses driven by a man I swear looked just santa claus (I don’t think that was planned). As we were whisked through the forrest, Danielle leaned closer whispering above the sound of the sleigh bells how much she loved me. When I turned to her, I saw tears in her eyes and the engagement ring. I was a prompt and swift YES from me.