COVID-19 Backyard Wedding in Virginia : Alison + Stephen

We’re back with another bonus blog for you. Today we’re heading to Virginia were Alison and Stephen has to make a tough call about their wedding day thanks to COVID-19. Their original plans got cancelled but they decide to go ahead and get married just 2 days before the stay at home was issued for their state so they could keep their original date.

Some info from their photographer, Michael, about their wedding day :

“The photo gallery and highlight video are dedicated to wedding couples who have to make adjustments to their wedding plans.

Originally, Alison and Stephen planned a big Italian wedding. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, their wedding was cancelled. They decided to get married anyway and had a small and intimate wedding at the home of Stephen’s parents. The group was small due to the lockdown guidelines but the love and support is enormous.

We feel honored to film and celebrate their love and resilience during this time. We hope this wedding is an encouragement to all wedding couples during this time.”

Photography & Videography: Tiptop Focus

Officiant: Cara Leighty

Makeup Artist: Carolyn Thombs Makeup Artistry 

Flowers: Twinbrook Floral Design

Musicians:  Andrew Juola

Shoes: Clarkes

Catering: Panera Bread

How did you navigate the decision regarding your wedding?

We had spent roughly 10 months planning our wedding and while we briefly considered postponing in order to celebrate with everyone, we were ready to be married (and wrap the planning process!). After consulting with our vendors and parents, we decided to cancel our reception and planned for a smaller, intimate ceremony in Stephen’s parent’s backyard with our families on our original (as scheduled) wedding day, March 28. (Stay at home started March 30th)

Why did you decide to still get married now, rather than reschedule?

We were ready to be married, even if just a ceremony for the two of us plus our Officiant (our friend, Cara). Luckily, with our families being local, we were able to pull off both – a beautiful backyard ceremony followed by a reception (8-person family dinner). While it was certainly ‘different’ not celebrating with our entire crew, there was no absence of love — our families and friends compiled video clips of them sending well-wishes which we were able to view during dessert (carrot cake for the groom and Texas Donuts for the bride).

Any additional advice for couples in the planning process?

Keep a spreadsheet or Google Sheet that you can share with your Partner to track/delegate wedding tasks. Get ahead of as much of the party planning as you can so you can enjoy your time being engaged! Stick to your vision/budget and do what is best for you as a couple!