Intimate Backyard Wedding in Miami Beach: Samuel + Maxwell

If Covid gave us any positive things, one of them has to be how to embrace a backyard wedding and make it amazing. That’s exactly what Samuel and Maxwell did. Their vibrant color choices and love took center stage. And if nothing else you should scroll down for photos of their dog who was clearly worn out by is “dog of honor” duties for the big day!

Here are a few words from their planner about the couple and the day :

“Samuel and Maxwell met online, their love blossomed over over a few years and then, on a private picnic, Samuel got down on one knee and proposed! They planned on having their wedding at a gorgeous hotel in Miami Beach, but when COVID-19 shut everything down, they did not let that deter them. Samuel’s parents have a beautiful house in Miami Beach, which they decided to host the wedding there instead. They have a very intimate wedding, with their closest family and friends. You could feel the love that everyone had towards Samuel and Maxwell, but most of all, you could feel Samuel and Maxwell’s love for each other.”

Planner: JV Wedding Planning

Photographer: Carolina Guzik Photography

Flowers: Casa Diris Floral Designs

Bakery: Unique Designer’s Cake

Venue: Private Residence