Intimate beachfront wedding in Delaware: Chelsea + Eric

This adorable intimate wedding is exactly what we love. You’ve still got your family there and all the tiny details and elements that you love, but it’s still simple and as stress free as possible!

The couple rented a house and held the ceremony there before heading out to dinner.

Here are a few words from their photographer about the day:

” Chelsea and Eric wanted a small, family only wedding with Chelsea’s daughter and their families. Chelsea found this adorable old home on the water and booked it for the event. The weather was misty and damp so they had the ceremony on the porch. Chelsea’s father was the officiant. Eric presented Chelsea’s daughter with a small heart necklace as a gesture of her part in the wedding. She also had her own (very large !) fun ring for her (photo included ). Chelsea wore a dress that is technically a bridesmaids dress to keep it a little more relaxed and simple. We had a fun beach session and played around then they went to a family dinner in Rehoboth Beach.”

Scroll down for photos and Q&A

Photography: Kelli Wilke Photography 

Bride’s Dress : Jenny Yoo

Location: Private Residence in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

How did you meet? Tell us about the proposal? 

Eric and I met at the elementary school where we both used to work.

He had been watching my daughter while I was working at school so I headed over to his house thinking I was just going to pick her up. When I got there he told me he wanted me to see something he had worked on that day. We walked to the stairs heading up to his loft area and he had framed pictures of the two of us along with pictures of the two of us and my daughter Lila. Then once we got to the top of the stairs he had candles and flowers set up and a large empty picture frame that he said we will fill up with more pictures of our life together. Then he got down on one knee and the rest is history! 🙂 It was so sweet and thoughtful and he included Lila in all the planning that day and she was there when he proposed.

Tell us more about the two of you! 

Eric is a professor at James Madison University. He teaches math in the college of education. I teach kindergarten. My daughter Lila is in first grade there which is wonderful! I get to see her all the time, her classroom this year is right across the hallway from mine! 🙂

We love spending time together as a family and love having our families visit us here in Virginia. My parents live in Indiana and Eric’s live in South Caroline so we are always excited when we get to see them! Eric and I also love hiking in the Shenandoah National Forrest which is about 30 minutes outside of where we live.

What was the inspiration behind the wedding day?

We are so excited to have the beach as the main focus for our wedding! We love going to Dewey Beach with Eric’s family in the summer and have so many wonderful memories of our time in the Dewey/Rehoboth area. We hoped the weather would be nice enough to have the ceremony on the beach, but our beach home had a beautiful screened in porch that was wonderful. The decor will be really simple, I know I want candles and a few flowers. My mom is great with decorating!