Intimate Charleston Wedding at Private Residence : Katie + Ethan

Welcome to the cutest intimate wedding in Charleston, SC! Katie and Ethan traveled in from Richmond and were joined by a few close friends and family who stayed in the neighboring houses. Their ceremony took place in the courtyard between the buildings and was followed by a private dinner with a personal chef. Does it get better than that?!

Please enjoy these gorgeous images and some Q&A from the couple below.

Photography: Melissa Miley Photography

Hair Stylist : Cover Girl Brides

Cake: Sweet Rhi LLC

Planner: Reynolds Treasures Wedding Services

Florist: Coastal Creations

How did you meet?

At a mutual friend’s wedding!

How did you decide to have an intimate wedding?

In the beginning we were planning on having a large traditional wedding, that all changed once we began to plan and realized how much it would cost us. We decided the money we had for our wedding would be best spent on our parents, our siblings and us. We used our wedding budget to house and feed everyone (12 guests) for three days AND hire a full service wedding planer with money left over! Take money out of the picture and focus on quality time – with a large wedding (I consider 80+) it’s impossible to spend quality time with everyone and focus on yourself! No wonder weddings can be so stressful!

The ONLY challenge we had was not being able to see the location in person or taste test since we lived in Virginia (our wedding planner was AMAZING – she did all of the work!!)

How did you break the news to everyone and/or friends and family that weren’t present?

We wanted to actually elope but there was no way we could do that to our parents! Honestly when we told our parents it was just going to be them and our siblings they were relieved! We turned it into more of a vacation and the wedding was just an activity!

What was your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

My favorite part of the wedding day was when the ceremony was over and it was just Ethan and I taking pictures – it was a great time to take everything in.

How did you decide on the location?

My Parents are in Virginia and Ethan’s are in Alabama – Charleston was the same distance! I met a women named Mauri online through a rental website – she introduced me to the three neighboring houses and I fell in love! It was perfect! Ethan and myself had our own house – his parents and siblings had their own house and my parents and siblings had their own as well. All three houses were right next door to each other. We had the ceremony in the back yard of my parents rental house and the reception!

Do you have any advice for couples planning their elopements or intimate weddings?

Just do it! You wont have any regrets!