Intimate Pool Party Wedding in Maui : Andrew + Rian

Although our pride celebration continues all year, this is our last post in our week long series and we’re going out with a pool party! I’m a bit jealous I didn’t get to attend this wedding as it looks like a blast.

Rian and Andrew said I do in Maui with an intimate group of family and friends. Their laid back day embraced the island feel and included Mai Tai’s, fresh caught fish and a dip in the pool!

From the grooms:

“Rian and I looove spicy. I have currently around 25 hot sauces on my counter! Anyway, we live in Bellingham, Washington and this is our second tie around being together. It was meant to be, we were just too young the first time around. Back together for 3 years now, Rian and I originally met and dated in 2004-2006. we met at a nightclub that I snuck into underage. Fast forward 15 years and we now own that LGBTQ+ nightclub as well as the lounge next door. We both love the finer things in life but are very laid back and loving of each other and others. I am sensitive and empathic in nature, I nurture and take care of our home, manage drag performers and DJ’s at work….and he is the golden hearted workaholic currently building our empire. We have 2 elderly dogs and live on a small little lake in Bellingham called Toad. Rian is about to turn 39 and I will be 33 this month. Our honeymoon will be next summer in France, Italy and Greece!”

Check out more and some Q&A with the couple below!

Photography: Amy Jayne Photography

Location: Private Residence in Kiehi, Maui

How did you meet? 

We met in 2004  in a gay nightclub that Rian worked in at the time… I was just 17 but happened to get through the door somehow without ID. Fast forward 14 years and Rian proposed to me in our hot tub at our little lakeside home. Right after engagement, we ended up buying the nightclub we met at, then opened another lounge/bar next door! Full circle!

Tell us about the wedding day and the inspiration!

Being a gay couple, we are blessed with the ability to have 0 traditions forced upon us, so we were able to create our own! Maui is so easy because declarations are almost not needed with all the gorgeous scenery. But we did focus on vibrancy is food, drink and floral and we chose to have our fathers present us with each others rings, which was very special.

What was the most anticipated part of the day? 

Our vows were the most anticipated. The walk through the palms with Amy Jayne, just before sunset had to be the most special moment.

Let’s talk decor! Tell us about any personalized items or floral choices that you made for the day. 

We provided embroidered beach towels that were arranged in multiple ways around the pool area, as well as matchbooks that read ‘The Charleses’. We also gave away our tiki glassware that we bought for the cocktails.

We used many types of island flowers and foliage. We went for a more masculine design, using willow branches, 4 types of palm leaves, pineapple and coral for centerpieces on top of white tablecloths. Further, we had birds of paradise, yellow orchids, and oriental lilies to line the aisle on the gorgeous beachside lawn.

We personalized with the food and drink. Mai Tais with Liliuokalani foam that Rian prepared, as well as fresh Ono fish and Ahi that my nephew had caught on a deep sea fishing trip the day of!

Tell us about your fashion choices. 

We both wanted relaxed beach vibes while still in suits, so we chose a Calvin Klein slim fit suit but in separate colors as to chow that we are not the same in personality or preference. Then, we aimed to do a Calvin Klein white shirt with the top unbuttoned, sans tie and even rolled up our pants while we took photos in the waves!

Do you have any advice for couples planning their elopements?

Yes! Spend money on help and never underestimate how much work there is to do. Set yourself up to enjoy every minute and don’t do any of the work!