Intimate Wedding in Charlotte, NC : Kayla + Dan

Today we’re slightly deviating from our regularly scheduled elopements and bringing you this amazing intimate wedding in Charlotte, NC.

Like many couple out there Kayla and Dan started planning a big wedding and decided it wasn’t for them. So they scaled down and went for the intimate option with about 20 guests. Now more than ever with everything going on in the world, couples are looking at intimate weddings as the way to go.

You can still have you family and some friends and a wedding party and all the things you want to have, just on a smaller scale. Their wedding day is proof of how wonderful an intimate wedding day can be. Be sure to scroll down for some Q&A from the couple.

Planner, Florist & Photographer – The Elopement Co.
Location – Foundation for the Carolinas
Hair – Katy Barbour
Makeup – Jenny Le
Dress – Meagan Kelley Designs
Suit – IndoChino
Veil – Floral Jewellery Bridal
Bride’s Ring – Brilliant Earth
Groom’s Ring – Enso Rings

How did you meet? 

We met at Tin Roof in the epicenter!

How did you decide on an intimate wedding vs. a larger event?

We decided to do a tiny wedding after an extensive conversation on what a wedding meant to us. We knew an intimate celebration with our loved ones who knew us deeply as individuals would be amazing. We wanted to challenge our pre-conceived notion of what a wedding was.

How did you decide on the location?

When we first got engaged we were planning on having a big wedding and toured many different venues. We fell in love with our venue and wanted to keep that a part of our wedding even though it was going to be much smaller!

How did you tell your families/friends you were opting for an intimate wedding?

At first we started off by telling our parents and immediate family, they reacted really well and were very supportive. We took their advice into consideration about to tell extended family and then wrote Dan’s family an email explaining. I’m not close with one side of my extended family so I didn’t explain to them. My brother passed along the information I believe. Our immediate family was included in all the marriage activities we had.

What was your favorite part of the day?

After we got married and shared our first kiss, we went out into the hallway and had a really beautiful intimate moment where we got to really cherish our first few moments of being married just with each other before signing our marriage certificate with our witnesses.

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their elopements and weddings?

Enjoy being engaged! Eloping means you have so much less stress and therefore more time to cherish the stage of being engaged!