Intimate Wedding in Melbourne : Sean + Kay

What’s better than one wedding? Four weddings! Sean and Kay have friends and family all over the world so they decided to bring the parties to them.

Their celebration in Melbourne was intimate, but not tiny and not an elopement. But it’s a great example for all the 2020 couples out there of how to have a wedding with everything you want just on a smaller scale. This was pre-covid, but the same ideas apply!

They had time to relax and enjoy with everyone as it was more of a long weekend party than a one day event. From yard games to the dance floor this has it all!

Check it out below as well as some Q&A from the couple!

Photographer: Van Middleton Photography

Location: Stones of Yarra, Australia

Wedding Planner and Event Stylist : the style co

Wedding Dress Designer: Zuhair Murad

Groom’ s Apparel: Boutique custom-made shop in Singapore ( Iris Tailor )

Hair and Makeup Artist:Tonic agency ( Janice )

Videographer: Humdrums Films

How did you meet? 

Back in 2010, my friends and i had our weekly wine and cheese night at his place, Sean just recently moved home from the USA and was invited by the home owner. Or family had been family friends for years but we’ve never properly met till then and yeah, we hit it off immediately as friends.

Tell us about the wedding day plans! 

We actually had four weddings, the one in Melbourne being the smallest. We just really wanted to have a mini holiday/celebration with the people who really knew us and our journey. To have friends and family cry and laugh at every joke and story told by the wedding party because they’ve been through it all with us.

The biggest challenge was not being physically in Melbourne. Planning was done long distance from Singapore and we didn’t manage to take a trip to see the venue or do food tastings, we really had to trust reviews of the venue and rely on our amazing wedding organiser The Style.Co

How did you decide on the location? 

I ( Kay ) studied in Melbourne and its such a wonderful place that brings back so many fond memories. The location was gorgeous and not too far from Singapore as well thus it was perfect for our family and friends.

Did you tell everyone ahead of time you were doing something intimate? How did you break the news to everyone else?

A dear friend from Melbourne who I also went to high school with designed these amazing wedding cards, so we slow mailed those out almost 8 months before the wedding. I also used a free website to help consolidate the attendees and it was super helpful!

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their own weddings?

Keeping it small and intimate is less stressful and so much more meaningful.

What was your favorite part of the wedding day and why? 

The wedding party lasted three days and the best part about it was being able to relax and chill with everyone. I think its very important to appreciate the support and love that all your friends and family have given to you all these years, and so our favourite part was seeing everyone so happy and enjoying themselves.
It was also nice when Van Middleton our photographer took us to what seemed like the edge of the world, just the three of us and Sean and i spent some quality time cuddling and taking some amazing photos together.