Microwedding in Paris: Jenny + Nate

What is better than one wedding day dress? 3 ! Jenny and Nate had been dreaming about Paris for years so when they decided to elope it was the only choice. Instead of going for just one wedding day look they did 3 to match the locations they wanted for photos. You only get to do this once right? Why not blow it out. Check out all the amazing looks and locations below as well as some words from the couple.

Photography: My Paris Elopement

Ceremony Location : Ritz Paris

Groom’s Attire : Debonair Formal Wear

Florist : La Plume

Rings: The True Gem

Dress Designers: Essense of Australia, Mac Duggal and ASTR the label

Dress Store: Lisa’s Bridal

Shoes: Betsey Johnson and Michael Kors

Veil : Noon on the Moon


We first met in Sep 2016 at a mutual friend’s house party. We kept seeing each other at events over the next few months, and started dating in Dec 2016. By Jan 2017, we were in love and moved in together in June 2017.

There was no official proposal. We started discussing our future together and both decided that getting married was the best way to celebrate our love. Our wedding planning began Feb 2018 and that’s when we reached out to you first 🙂 We booked our wedding date with you and special ordered our rings in Nov 2018 (they said the rings would be ready by end of Dec). So, Nate and I planned a romantic spa getaway when our rings arrived, and during our trip, we became officially engaged 🙂 It was our engagement trip!


We wanted our wedding to be very glamorous and romantic! And there’s no city more glam and romantic than Paris. I’ve been in love with Paris (and the French culture in general) since I was a teenager (after I watched the movie Amelie), and always felt that if I got married, Paris would be my dream location. After we researched many many locations, we decided the Ritz was the most beautiful hotel and would be perfect for our special day. We also looked through 6-7 photographers’ portfolios and thought Pierre’s portfolio was the most fitting for our vision: artisically airy, soft, feminine, ROMANTIC. And we loved how Pierre captured landscape, whereas many other photographers would focus in on the couple. We didn’t fly to Paris to get our faces photographed — we could do that back home for much less money. ???? We wanted to capture the beautiful landscape of Paris (with Nate and I in it) and Pierre did that perfectly!


After picking Pierre as our photographer, we looked through all your Instagram, Facebook, and website photos and picked our favourite locations from your portfolio. Once the locations were picked, I started looking at dresses that would match the backgrounds and also the Ritz and decided 3 dresses would work. Once my dresses were picked, we went and picked Nate’s suits (his outfits were much easier to find than mine!). The bouquet was done by Yuko who you referred and she was soooo lovely to work with. She originally wanted me to have a bigger bouquet, but I wanted something simple that would not cover my dress. She did such a wonderful job with the flowers in the ceremony room and the aisle. I couldn’t be happier with her so thank you for referring her to me 🙂 My veil and earrings were then chosen to match my dresses and I found my makeup/hair artist on Instagram. I had a morning look and ceremony look 🙂

My gold and burgundy dresses were found online. The gold dress I loved the mermaid style and also the color of the gold as it was a bit darker. I really wanted a burgundy color dress but honestly couldn’t find one that I loved (not a lot of burgundy dress options when I was looking). The one I bought was not a top choice for me, but I bought it because of the beautiful color, and it actually photographed really well beside Nate’s navy suit so I was happy with it in the end 🙂


Everything about the day happened exactly how we envisioned it (minus the very cold wind for me and the jet lag for Nate). We knew you would do a spectacular job and we were able to keep on schedule and get all the scenery shots we wanted. It was honestly as perfect as it could be! The ceremony was the most important to us. Having our closest friends being a part of our celebration, saying our vows to each other, and having it all happen at the Ritz was the happiest moment in our lives.

My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle and listening to Nate’s vows. They were so well written and very touching. 🙂 Reading my vows to Jenny and feeling how much I love her while doing so, and seeing how in love she was with me while I was reading them to her, was the most memorable part of a day that I will never forget.


What worked well for us is that our wedding day was just about us and no one else (that’s why we eloped). I’ve helped plan weddings before and seen couples plan their weddings for their family and friends. Together and separately, Nate and I have been to many weddings where the bride and groom are stressed and tired and don’t have any fun, and lots don’t even have time to eat their reception dinners. Our advice to anyone is to make sure not to forget that the wedding day is about the couple and that on that day, their happiness is what matters most!