Mountain Elopement in Asheville : Abby + Amanda

I love everything about this wedding day. It’s just about them and their relationship and their love. And that’s exactly how every wedding day should be!

Here are some words from their photographer Aly :

“Abby & Amanda met at nursing school! Once the moved to Charlotte for Amanda’s job, they knew they found their home. When thinking about their wedding, they KNEW they wanted to run away to the mountains! Their day started off with going to the courthouse in Asheville to sign the marriage license. “I didn’t think I was going to cry and then I totally did!” said Amanda. After that, everyone hiked up Buck Springs Gap for the exchange of vows and rings. They had Amanda’s uncle lead their ceremony and everyone cried. Especially Abby and Amanda’s dad! The entire day was absolutely what Abby & Amanda dreamed of! ”

Scroll down for some Q&A with the Brides!

Photography: Aly Barnett Photography

Location: Buck Spring Gap Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC

How did you meet?

We were on the same dorm hall our freshmen year of college. We were in the same nursing program too and had several classes together. We were head over heels in love within 6 weeks of meeting.

How did you decide to elope vs. having a more traditional wedding? What challenges did you face?

One of the main reasons we decided to elope was we wanted to invest in our future adventures and experiences together, rather than a single day, financially. Another reason was that elopement just fit us. Amanda’s family fully supported and even expected us to make that decision. They would have been surprised if we had said we wanted a big elaborate wedding. The decision was easy for us. We had a party afterward with our friends to celebrate, but it was meaningful for us to keep it small and intimate with just family for our wedding day. The only challenge we faced was who to invite and where to draw the line. At the end of the day, we decided to limit it to people who are a part of our day to day lives, rather than open it to the whole extended family.

How did you pick the location?

We fell in love with it when we went hiking one day. It felt right. It had everything we were looking for- gorgeous trees, an insane mountain view, stone steps, and big open grassy fields.

Did you tell everyone ahead of time? If not, how did you break the news?

We knew we wanted a small wedding to begin with, but it was important to us to include Amanda’s family in our day since they had been so supportive of us from the beginning. I (Abby) had never felt nothing but love from them. We invited Amanda’s parents, brother, two uncles (one of whom performed the ceremony), and Abby’s cousin.

What was your favorite part of the day?

Abby– My favorite part of the day was right after the ceremony ended. I felt such joy and acceptance from Amanda’s family. My family had decided not to attend due to religious reasons for not agreeing with me being gay. But everyone was smiling and crying and hugging us. And suddenly I was a part of her family. It was so pure.
Amanda- I loved how our day was all about us. It was completely stress free because it was about our relationship and our love for each other, instead of the material things that go into a modern day wedding.

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their elopements?

We loved our day and literally say all the time how we wouldn’t change a thing. I think a big reason why we feel that way is that we held onto what we wanted. This is the one day you can be selfish and put your desires first. Don’t let other people influence your decision if you feel strongly about it. Also, it’s just as special and meaningful as a big wedding. This the day you marry the love of your life and you can make it be whatever you want it to be.