Mountaintop Elopement in Boulder: Rohan + Crisalida

Every time I see an elopement in Colorado I want to move there. The views are unreal! And this elopement was no exception.

Rohan and Crisalida said I do on top of Flagstaff Mountain just outside Boulder. They had a few friends join them for the vows and the views before heading to town to celebrate over dinner on Pearl Street.

The Bride put together her own bouquet the night before and arranged the flowers for the cake as well!

Check out the images and some Q&A with the couple below!

Photography: Nat Moore Photography

Dress: Lulu’s

Flowers: Whole Foods

Beauty:  Plc Mobile Beauty

How did you meet?

Rohan and I met at a marketing company, we both worked on the sales floor. After a short while that professional relationship turned into something more . we started to spend more and more time together taking small trips on a whim. The best part of our relationship is our sense of adventure. We both love to explore and experience new things together. This is why Our relationship grew so quickly and Is felt so deeply.

How did you decide to elope? What challenges came with that decision?

Rohan proposed on Christmas day of 2017. We had already planned a trip out to Denver to visit family. And after he proposed I brought up the wild idea of getting married in Colorado. My husband can tell you I am very random sometimes. But I love that he supports my ideas , and we started to work on an elopement in Colorado .. somewhere, we had no idea at the time.So we got in contact with his brother and his wife and ask them about different locations. And I started looking up dresses of coarse. I knew I wanted something simple and a little conservative Bohemian chic. I found a dress I found a certain look that I want to go for. And with the help of Nat we were able to arrange our marriage licenses as well as an ordained minister. Who happened to be my Brothers-in-law Jamil. We spoke to very few friends and family about our plans but my husband‘s best friends all flew in on a very short six weeks notice.

How did you decide on the location?

Rohan and I are both from Florida. So everything we did was over the phone and through Messages. This was a little challenging because we couldn’t really scope out any areas personally prior to us arriving in Colorado. We looked at different locations through Pinterest to try to get an idea of what I wanted the location to be. We looked at a couple locations once we arrived in Denver. And that took us over to the flat iron Mountain up to Flagstaff mountain and looked at a couple different outlooks. The one that we decided on absolutely took our breath away. It was like we were on top of the world. Everything about that place just felt right it was absolutely beautiful.

Did you tell anyone ahead of time or truly elope? How did you break the new to those who weren’t there?

We only had six weeks To plan this gig. I knew I wanted something very simple. I knew I wanted something very intimate .so when I told my family and only a few friends about our plans everyone was very understanding.No one really knew the exact date. And no one on social media had a clue. The few that did attend truly made that moment unforgettable. We were surrounded by so much love.

What was your favorite part of the day and why?

Our favorite part of the day was arriving to the snow covered mountain and the beautiful bright sunny day. We had people at the park stop and watch our ceremony all the tears in their eyes. That truly made us feel overwhelmed with joy. After the ceremony we wanted to just hang out and do something fun and simple with our friends. The day before our ceremony we went down to pearl street to shop around and decided to have lunch at the French quarters. The owner of the restaurant was absolutely wonderful she offered us to come back after our wedding ceremony and celebrate with them. So we did just that we had an amazing time. The atmosphere was absolutely perfect. I made my own wedding cake topping. And assembled it right there at the restaurant. We loved everything about that night.

What advice do you have for couples planning their elopements?

Marriage is an adventure, don’t be afraid to go out and explore together. Making memories and showing each other love even on the toughest days! Elopements are about being adventurous , wild and carefree. It’s about celebrating each other‘s love for one another.Cherishing that Intimate moment between the two souls becoming one.