Mountaintop Microwedding in Asheville: Marie + Danny

After a slight postponement thanks to COVID, these two married on a mountaintop in Asheville with thier immediate families.

From their photographer:

Marie met Danny through her friend, Cara, they were in the Peace Corps together! Cara thought Marie wouls be perfect for her brother, Danny! And so one day they had the chance to meet, and the rest is history! Cara ended up being the officiant in their wedding ceremony.

The wedding was scheduled for April, but we had to reschedule due to Covid. We ended up on a beautiful June Sunday afternoon on the mountaintop!

This is how they got engaged: “Danny organized the engagement by talking to my best friend who lives in Wilmington NC. We went out on their boat and he proposed at Masons Inlet.Then we went back to N. Myrtle where we were celebrating my parents 40th anniversary for the week and Danny’s parents and sister were there waiting for us, another surprise! He proposed with my great grandmothers diamond and changed out the band. Then they put a ruby in the band and gave it to my mother.”

Why did they choose to get married in Asheville? “Asheville is close to my family and a beautiful place for friends and family to explore. The mountains are very special to me and I have always imagined getting married surrounded by one of the the most beautiful place in the world.”

What were they look forward to most on their wedding day? “We are looking forward to just taking the time to enjoy the day we are choosing to marry one another and then that weekend with family and friends. I hope there is a good balance of time for just us over the weekend and time with those we love.”

Photography: Meghan Rolfe Photography

Flowers: Flourish Flower Farm

Location: Blue Ridge Parkway