Rooftop Elopement in Vegas: Cecilia + Billy

I’m a sucker for a Vegas Elopement! There are so many great locations and history and color. It seems like the original elopement destination. So when I saw this elopement come through I loved it immediately. This is what it’s about. Doing what you want for your wedding day and playing by your own rules.

Check it out!

Photography: Ashlynn Savannah Photo

Planner: Elopement Las Vegas and Epic Elopement

Officiant: Peachy Keen Unions

Location : El Cortez Hotel in Las Vegas, NV


Our wedding was intimate, fulfilling and SO MUCH FUN.


Billy proposed on the second night of a seven day cruise we were on last Summer. It was a formal night so we were already dressed for the occasion, and I didn’t think twice when he suggested going out to an observation deck with a glass floor over the ocean since this is something we had done on past trips. When we walked out there I was so excited that there was a photographer so we could get some photos on something other than our iPhones or a GoPro. I had no idea he had actually paid for the photographer to be there! I was pretty clueless up until the moment he reached for the ring that he had stashed in his sock. We have always shared a love for the ocean, and getting engaged out in the middle of it was an absolute dream.


From the beginning I wanted to get married outdoors. My initial plans were something in nature, but once we decided on Las Vegas it only felt right to make sure we captured the spirit of the city in our wedding. Our goal was something intimate, enjoyable and carefree.


We are both west coast natives living in Florida so we knew we wanted to do something closer to home. Our plans changed from Southern California to Arizona to Northern California all in a matter of months. Once we realized we were planning something for everyone else and not for ourselves, we set our sights on doing something strictly for the two of us – which led us to Las Vegas. I had been following Elopement Las Vegas since the beginning of our engagement, so I knew exactly who I wanted to contact. From that point on, the planning process was a breeze. We inquired only two and half weeks prior to our desired date, and Emily and her team handled it with ease.


Since we only had about three weeks worth of planning, this was probably the most stressful part. Since most fitting rooms in our area are closed due to COVID, I did nearly all of my shopping online. I always wanted to wear a long dress, but knowing we would be walking through Downtown Las Vegas I decided something mid-length seemed more fitting of the location we chose. Billy’s outfit was almost a one-stop shop at Men’s Wearhouse, with the exception of the small splurge on his Louis Vuitton loafers. My bouquet included a rosary given to me by my brother (which amazingly matched our color scheme), as well as a charm with a photo of my Father who passed away, and my Mother mailed me a bracelet of hers to make sure I had something borrowed! Billy wore a charm near his boutonniere with his Father and Grandmother. It was important for us to incorporate our families while still reserving these moments for ourselves and this felt like a perfect way to do it.


We were married on top of the parking structure at the El Cortez Hotel. There were five of us in total: Ashlyn, our photographer, and the amazing Angie and Alex of Peachy Keen Unions, but by the end of our ceremony a small group had gathered and applauded us as we officially became husband and wife. It was a sweet surprise – I could see them throughout the ceremony, but Billy’s back was to them so he had no idea and the photos of his face when he heard their cheers are the best. In short, Ashlyn paraded us Downtown and we were met with congratulations from nearly everyone we passed, we were given a free round of shots, we celebrated with pizza and beer, and we were serenaded by a man that emerged from White Castle and then applauded by an entire intersection of people. We felt so much love from complete strangers, which in a crazy time like was an amazing reminder of the good in this world.

Later in the evening we were stopped by a woman in the casino at our hotel who insisted on giving us a hundred dollar bill in celebration of our new marriage. The gesture is one we will never forget and we plan on framing the bill with some of our photos!


Make your wedding day about you. It is easy to get lost in what you think you should do and what you actually want to do. Be sure to trust your gut in this process and don’t worry about who you might offend or disappoint along the way. Regardless of what you decide to do, when it comes down to it the only thing that really matters about that day is the person standing across from you. Prioritize your wants and needs AND HAVE FUN. Emily and Las Vegas Elopements allowed us to do all of this, and we cannot imagine our wedding day any other way.