San Francisco City Hall Elopement : Lauriel + Nashon

I still remember the first moment I ever saw a photo of the staircase at San Francisco City Hall many many years ago. I was floored. The entire building is a thing of beauty and to know you can get married there is even better!

I was thrilled to see this gorgeous couple come through my submissions and knew it would be a mistake not to include what I consider to be the most gorgeous city hall in America (if you’ve got a better one let me know!) in our Valentine’s week countdown.

There are a few options when it’s comes to getting married there and Lauriel and Nashon had their ceremony on the balcony overlooking the main staircase. After photos there they head out to a beach with views of Golden Gate Bridge. You can’t get more iconic San Francisco than that!

Here are a few words about the couple from their photographer:

“Our bride felt very obligated to have a huge church wedding and was getting a lot of pressure from family to host several hundred people. She called me up, and poured her heart out to me, about her true dream just to have her wedding day to herself with Nashon. A day that they could connect with each other and not be pulled in different directions by many other peoples idea of what her wedding day should look like.

They were just buying their first home and wanted the wedding day to be beautiful, get them legally married and then start the honeymoon ASAP!

Lauriel has a great sense of style, and the art deco vibe they brought to SF City Hall was fantastic. This bride did a lot of research, sent me inspiration photos and took a big creative lead in the whole process.  I really wanted to get everything just right for her, and she was really happy with the results. I do full elopement planning now, and she used my hair and make up, officiant, videographer and floral suggestions. ”

Photography: Rachel Levine Photography

Florist: Fresh Flower and Gift

Hair & Makeup: Makeup and Hair by Adelina

Officiant: Konrad Hole

Venue: San Francisco City Hall