San Francisco City Hall Wedding : Elena + Karina

I think I might need an intervention as I have a slight obsession with San Francisco City Hall. But can you blame me?

When I saw this gorgeous couple I knew I had to feature them. I love that not only did the brides coordinate their looks and go with a black and white and red theme, so did their guests!

They said their I do’s among a handful of friends and despite not knowing them I can feel the joy through these photos. I love the impromptu bouquet toss at the end as well!

Enjoy the images below and some Q&A with the Brides!

Photography : Red Eye Collection

Location: San Francisco City Hall

Flowers: San Francisco Flower Mart (The Brides DIY’d the bouquets)

How did you meet? Tell us your proposal story. 

Our story is very interesting. We met at a club we weren’t supposed to be at. My friends and I were supposed to be at another club in San Francisco but decided to go to badlands. My wife wanted to stay in but her friends insisted on going out and that happened to also be at badlands. As I was enjoying my time with my friends, this random guy approached me telling me to go dance with “her,” and that was when I saw her. My jaw opened and I was confused asking him if he knew her and he said yes, she is my friend, go dance with her and from that moment on, we saw each other almost every week.

I wasn’t living in SF at the time so I would come see her and we would plan trips together. Our love grew more and more. On our one-year anniversary, we decided to go to Hawaii. On the road to Hana and 7 sacred pools, she asked me to marry me. I was in shock and speechless. Of course, I said yes. I also wanted to propose so months later I purchased a ring and we to Pacifica for a dinner. After our dinner, we took a walk along the beach. I decided to bury the ring in the sand and told her I wanted to play a game. I was hiding treasure in one of the three holes and she had to guess where the treasure was buried. She guessed right the first time and found the box where I buried it. She was in shock but right away said yes.

How did you decide on the location? 

My wife and I wanted to have a small wedding in October. We had our ceremony at city hall in San Francisco because it’s probably one of the best City Halls in the world in terms of grandeur, size and architecture. It was also my wife’s dream to get married in city hall and I wanted nothing more than to make her wish come true.

After our photo shoot, we went to an Italian restaurant called Golden Mirror in the sunset area. It’s a beautiful restaurant where we reserved the top balcony for our dinner.

Tell us more about the day! How did you choose your looks for the big day?

My wife and I are very creative and decided to make our bouquets ourselves. It took a lot of work but it was worth it in the end. We purchased our flowers a day before our wedding at San Francisco Flower Mart located on Brannan St. We knew what we wanted which made it a little easier for us.

Since we couldn’t see each other’s outfits, we had our friends help us match our clothes. Luckily my wife found her outfit first but I struggled trying to find what I was looking for. She found her dress while we went shopping and I found my women’s tux online. Our colors were white and red. Our shoes were the hardest part to match but we were able to pull it off. Thankfully we matched and were happy about our decision.

For months we knew which rings we wanted. A few weeks before getting married we purchased our rings at tiffany and Co. We decided to get matching ring bands with a small diamond.

For our makeup, we went with someone who has her own business at home. My wife found her on FB and she was the best choice we made. We went with her for a makeup trial and were completely satisfied. On our wedding day she came to our house and did our makeup. What I loved about her style was that it wasn’t too much or looked too heavy. She used airbrush and it made our faces look light and glamorous.

Any Honeymoon plans?

For our honeymoon, we went to Carmel by the sea. It was definitely what we needed but it was too short. We will continue our honey moon in Alaska in a couple of months. I love that about my wife, no matter where we go or what we do, she taught me that life is always an adventure. Enjoy the process, not only the destination.

Anything else to add?

One thing that really touched us was that my friends who I went out with when I met my wife were all there at our wedding and the guy who told me to dance with Elena was there as well. We wanted him to be our witness and ring carrier. Because of him, I met Elena who is now my wife. I thank him every day for that moment.

As nervous as we were, once the ceremony and photo shoot were over, we celebrated with our friends in the limo and felt at ease. It was truly a day to remember.