San Francisco Elopement : Ashley + Sam

A girl walks into a bar…. No really. That’s how this love story starts. Except it a was bar very far from home – in Dubai!

Fast forward a couple of years and they were saying I do at the historic San Francisco City Hall.

Here are a few words from the Bride, Ashley:

“We met one week after my (Ashley) plane landed in Dubai in April 2018 at a bar on a Friday night. There was a band playing and I’m naturally chatting and outgoing and thought Sam was sooooo good looking. I explained my crazy story how I just got to Dubai and didn’t know anyone and was only in the country for a few months. Sam was so quiet I was convinced he thought I was annoying and wanted nothing to do with me. I later realized he is just so shy he didn’t know what to say. We exchanged numbers as he told me he would show me around the city. I was pretty upfront and adamant that I was looking for JUST friends and nothing else. I had it in my mind that I did not want to date a

nybody because it would be too hard and unreasonable since I was going to be moving around the world for work for the next 2 years. A couple of months later after going out together quite a lot we both realized it was going to be impossible to just stay friends as we both had strong feelings for each other and my plans of just being friends was thrown right out the window. We both kind of knew very early on that we were in love and wanted to be together forever.”

Photography: Sebastien Bicard Photography

Ceremony Location : San Francisco City Hall

Dress: BHLDN

Post – Ceremony Photo Location : Marin Headlands