San Fransisco Zoom Elopement : Lauren + Luis

Pandemic or no pandemic couples have gotten creative and found ways to safely get married. Lauren and Luis had family all over the place and knew that having everyone travel to them for a wedding would mean a long wait for the I do’s to be in person. So instead they invited everyone via Zoom and went ahead and got married!

After their at home ceremony and cake they venture out into the city for some photos! Proof that love conquers all!

Check out the images and some Q&A with them below.

Photography: Rachel Levine Photography

Dress: BHLDN

Rings: Brilliant Earth

Cake: Butter&

Makeup: BFab Mobile

Groom’s Attire : Perry Ellis

Flowers: Fresh

What did you wear and when/how did you know it was a serious relationship?

Luis and I technically met at a Dia de Los Muertos party on Halloween weekend. My friends and I were all (kind of) dressed as unicorns but that was during the California wildfires and we all lost some of our costumes in the mail! I knew Luis was serious right away. We saw each other every day for the first four or five days after we met. I took a little more time, but that winter, I spent a couple of weeks in Europe and it was then, during this time apart, that I knew I wanted him in my life and needed him by my side forever.

Can you tell me where you found your dress and any information about it? Also, your cake, rings, flowers, his outfit and anything else you’d like to include. 

I bought my WTOO by WATTERS Seely Gown at BHLDN in Walnut Creek. I went to BHLDN once before and tried on several dresses. I purchased a few but the minute I got in my car when leaving BHLDN, I knew I would not be wearing any of those dresses. I waited for them to come in and tried them on and then it became official… I needed to go back. I went back to BHLDN with a picture of a dress similar to the Seely. When I arrived, my lovely stylist, Claire, had the dress waiting for me along with the Seely dress, that she had picked out. I loved both of these dresses but felt so beautiful in the Seely and it became clear that this was the dress for me. Luis and I purchased rings from Brilliant Earth because of their ethical viewpoints. My engagement ring is the Secret Halo in platinum. My wedding ring is the Platinum Petite Comfort Fit and Luis’ is the Platinum 4mm Comfort Fit Wedding Ring. Luis bought his suit, tie, and shoes from Perry Ellis. Our beautiful, yummy cake was from Butter&.

What else would you like readers to know about your love story?

Luis and I have a beautiful relationship. I love our love! One of my favorite things about it is that we are husband and wife and also best friends. It wasn’t long after meeting him that I was able to be myself completely, something I didn’t even realize was lacking in the past. We balance each other so well. We are so alike in so many ways and also so different. When our relationship was still new, I found myself telling people, “He’s so sweet. He makes me sweeter!” I had been saying that to other people for months but I never said it to him. One day, he told me the exact same thing.. that he feels sweeter because of me!