San Juan Mountains Jeep Elopement : Vee + Joe

This elopement looks like it was a complete blast. And that is exactly how your wedding day should be. Amazing views, epic jeep rides and some celebratory drinks – what more do you need?!

From their Photographer:

“When people ask me where the best place to elope in Colorado the answer is always the San Juan mountains. It’s basically a pick your adventure, so I knew this was the perfect place for Joe and Vee when they told me they wanted something adventurous without having to work too hard for epic views.

The San Juan’s are full of amazing off roading routes where they lead you to abandoned mines in the high peaks rising above 13,000 feet. We hired a friend of mine who was their personal driver as we set out before sunrise up to the pass. When we arrived they shared their vows as the sun rose and lit up the jagged peaks behind them. We then explored the basin and captured the amazing beauty of the surrounding peaks and abandoned mines from the silver rush in the area.

One of my favorite parts about adventure elopements in Colorado is they don’t always require a big hike. Jeeping up to scenic mountain passes is just as fun, just as adventurous and sometimes more beautiful than some hikes. This was the perfect way for Joe and Vee to celebrate their elopement day!”

Photography & Planner – Vows and Peaks

Dress –Azazie

Flowers – Etsy – Eucca shop

Boots –Kodiak Boots