Snowy Lake Tahoe Elopement: Jessica + Alexis

It’s crazy hot right now so I’m using this elopement as a mental break from it. I love snowy weddings. I love winter weddings. I love mountain weddings. So this is basically my dream come true!

Here are a few words from the couple about their gorgeous Lake Tahoe Elopement:

“Alexis and I met years before we even “noticed” one another. The irony of us going to all those gatherings and having no idea we were standing next to our future spouse. In 2019 our single selves ended up running into one another and let me tell you, it was like I was actually seeing him for the first time. All I can remember is smiling at him and him smiling back. We easily fell into each others busy schedules and enjoyed our time together. Around 6 months we started talking about the bigger topics and when we realized our big family wedding was not an option due to the increase discussion of COVID-19 we leaped for a bold and exciting experience. We decided we would elope!

On a rainy Atlanta winter morning we sat in bed and started googling ideas of what this could look like when we came across Simply Eloped! In our amazement it was the one stop, stress free, outdoor experience we were imagining. They offered many location but Alexis brought up the song that was playing during our first kiss, Going to California by Led Leppelin and decided it had to be California, almost as foreshadowing this very moment. Lake Tahoe was on both of our bucket lists and Emerald Bay with it’s breathless views, so our decision came pretty naturally. We traveled to California a week before our wedding. We landed in San Fransisco, drove our way through Napa, up to Mount Shasta, to Lake Tahoe and ended in Santa Monica the whole time feeling like COVID was an omnimous presence approaching. The whole experience was happy, exciting, and created a bond with us that we always look back on in fondness. The ambience that was created on that cold, snowy day on top of Emerald Bay was just the touch of magic every little girl dreams of on their wedding day. Snow or sunshine, cold or warm this is a great location to consider.

We highly recommend Eloped and each of the following individuals who added an extra sparkle to our special day.”

Photography: Ssshooting star photography

Planner: Simply Eloped

Officiant: Your Memorable Day

Makeup: Pink Chique

Hair: Lisa Pietrzak Hair & Makeup

Rings: Ascot Diamonds Atlanta