Sunrise Ceremony at Yosemite : Candace and Brendan

Sunrise at Glacier Point is probably on a few people’s bucket list. Now imagine that being your wedding day!

Candace and Brendan had the most gorgeous views as they said their vows with Half Dome in the background and popped some champagne to seal the deal! Check it out below!

From their Photographer:

“Candace & Brendan are best friends and deeply in love. They spent their whole wedding day laughing, exploring the park and cuddling up with each other. We met for sunrise at Glacier Point and were so excited to show them around for the first time! There aren’t many things more beautiful than watching the sunrise behind Half Dome. After we watched the sunrise, they got changed into their wedding attire in the parking lot, in true adventure elopement style. They exchange their vows while Half Dome looked on in the background. We spent a few hours exploring the area and capturing the love that they shared.”

Photography: Scenic Vows

Location : Yosemite National Park