Sunrise Elopement in New Hampshire : Rebecca + Rafael

Yesterday we had a winter wonderland on the blog. Today all of our Fall dreams are coming true. The colors in these photos are amazing. They almost don’t look real!

Rebecca and Rafael wanted an adventure for their wedding day and opted for a short hike to take in all the amazing views and colors of New Hampshire. They said I do at an overlook and venture around the area for photos.

From their photographer:

“It was pitch black and chilly when we turned into the trailhead parking lot. Becca and Rafael spent the night apart from each other in true wedding tradition. Rafael was asleep in his friend’s truck so we opted to not disturb him and let him have those last few minutes of precious sleep before Becca turned into the lot to wake him up.

The couple came excited and ready to hike. However, they never have adventured this way before. Becca and Rafael put their infinite trust in Anton and I to blow their minds. I smiled to myself knowing that their jaws would drop at the vista which awaited us. Rafael was speechless. When we arrived at the summit of the little mountain in the nature preserve he took out his phone and filmed a video to show the couples three little girls who were no doubt fast asleep in their beds at home.

Meanwhile I went with Becca to help her into her fitted lace gown and dramatic cathedral length veil. After seeing Becca, Rafael could no longer focus on the view with such a radiant bride before him. The couple has been together for 8 years. On this morning they greeted the world together for the first time as husband and wife. Through the frigid cold Becca smiled and Rafael did his best to keep her warm. Her dress got dirty and she didn’t care. Their love was all that mattered, and at the end of the day, love is all that will ever matter. ”

Photography: Anton & Natalie Photography

Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal

Location: Alton, NH