Surprise Wedding in Maine: Greg + Scott

I must confess that I’ve always wanted to be a part of a surprise wedding. Whether a guest or photographer or whatever! I love the idea of planning the day just how you want it (which you can do anyway, but it’s harder with opinions).

Greg and Scott lured 4 of their couple friends out to The White Barn Inn for the weekend under the ruse that they were hosting a Friendsgiving dinner/getaway before Turkey Day. But little did their guesst know – they were actually getting married!

It was a total surprise to all of them! They had spent the day taking gorgeous photos around the area and spent the the evening celebrating with their small group. The perfect wedding day if you ask me!

Spoiler Alert – There is also appearances by their adorable dog 🙂

Photography: Two Adventurous Souls 

Planner: Destination Maine Weddings

Venue: The White Barn Inn

Flowers: Minka Flowers