What's the deal with Microweddings?

Obviously at this point I don’t need to tell anyone reading this that the wedding industry has been greatly effected by COVID-19.

I also don’t need to tell you that we were promoting elopements and tiny weddings long before they were trending. The term “micro wedding” is something I’m hearing more and more these days. So what does that mean? A micro wedding refers to a smaller less traditional wedding that usually involved less than 20ish guests. Did these types of weddings exist long before Covid? Yes. It’s only now that they’ve taken on this term and we’re seeing more couples embrace them and national outlets start to cover them.

So for those couples that have had to postpone their larger events or those who were planning something small all along this might be the perfect option! If you’re someone who can’t imagine getting married without your parents or siblings or closest friends, but don’t want a huge wedding, then a micro wedding is for you!

So we want to inspire you with a few microweddings from the last couple months that prove that scaling down doesn’t mean sacrificing the perfect wedding day. Just the opposite in fact. You will get to spend more time on the best day ever with the best people ever!

Check out how these 6 couples rolled with the punches and pulled off amazing days. The info and stories included are from the photographers and planners!

Sam + Nicole 

Yes, their wedding was affected by Coronavirus but good gosh these two truly hit the nail on the head with a simple ceremony to include their parents and then venture off for alone time in those gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.

From the beginning of our conversations, I knew Sam & Nicole would easily be one of my favorite and unforgettable couples. Not only because of how their day unfolded but because they chose King Family Vineyard for their ceremony and then journey into Shenandoah National Park for some epic mountain photos.The tricky part though… Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway were both closed! Yep, those iconic and normally accessible Blue Ridge Mountain views were untouchable. But with a little help from Google Maps, I found the prettiest of spots comparable for the situation and even had myself in awe over the outcome. Surrounded by little family and lots of nature, the love they share was evident through tears of joys and lots of laughter.

Ceremony Location: King Family Vineyards
Couples Photo Location: Shenandoah National Park
Makeup and Hair :Herself
Dress: BCBG
Officiant: Dave Norris

Sharrone + Dale

What started off as a 10 person ceremony great into a 30 person intimate wedding as they wanted to have their original wedding party present plus family. Yes you can still have a micro wedding and a wedding party! Even if they are half the guest count!. Between their jobs as a teacher (Sharrone) and a Chicago Police Officer (Dale) it’s been a wild year. They knew they didn’t want to wait until 2021 to get married so they decided to say I do in their Hyde Park neighborhood and save the big party for later. They married in the gorgeous Japanese Garden surrounded by friends and family before heading downtown for a few photos with their wedding party.
Officiant : Their Pastor
Videography: Our Wedding Movie
Location: Garden of the Phoenix, Chicago

Midori + Alex 

Midori and Alex had a big wedding planned for 2022, but when Midori’s grandmother’s health began to fail, they knew they needed to push up their date. “Plan B” of an intimate wedding of 40 guests quickly turned into “Plan C” as their state’s COVID-19 mandates weren’t changing to allow over 5 people at a wedding. In only a month, these two planned a lovely elopement that fit their vision and were able to have her grandmother (and many friends and family via Zoom) witness their marriage.

Photography: Julie Haider Photography

Venue: Los Poblanos Historic Inn + Organic Farm

Flowers: Florecita

Custom Coasters: Lace, Grace & Peonies
Hair & Makeup: Aesthetix Beauty Bar
Dress: Uptown Bride
Cake: Los Poblanos
Wedding Bands: Bespoke by Shahina

Heather + Hugo 

Like many couples in 2020, Heather and Hugo had planned a wedding that included 100+ guests.  When their plans were cancelled, they made an appointment to tie the knot at a notary office in LA under fluorescent lights with no loved ones in attendance.
5 days before the date, Hugo called  Weddings by the Sea in Santa Barbara to see if there might be another option.  At the last minute we put together a lovely garden wedding for Hugo and Heather in Alice Keck Park that included 8 guests.  Post ceremony the newly married couple line danced down the aisle and finished with a champagne toast!

Photography: Alden Blake

Planner : Weddings by the Sea

Hair & Makeup: Julie Morgan

Nicolle + Jacob 

After pushing back their larger party to 2021 Nicolle and Jacob had settled on rooftop ceremony at a downtown Chicago hotel with just their core 6 family and friends. Sounds great right?! Well two weeks before the date the hotel told them they would not be reopening in time and they had to yet again replan their day. Thankfully with some help they were able to pull it off and had the cutest 8 person wedding and dinner in a beautiful courtyard setting.
Photography + Officiant: Elope to Chicago
Catering: Hearty Boys
Hair & Makeup: Rare Bird Beauties
Bridal Gown: Brides by Young

Ashlee + Hunter

Hunter & Ashlee planned to get married June 6th, 2020 and that’s exactly the way they kept it. Location, guest list and such might have changed but one thing remained the same, their promise to each other. As a Virginia elopement photographer, I’ve seen so many couples choose love over fear these last few months and I just want to give them all a round of applause.

Instead of getting married at their wedding venue with a multitude of guests, they invited their closest friends and family to Hunter’s family lake house. They started their elopement by getting ready in the simplest of ways before their first look down by Smith Mountain Lake. After Ashlee & Hunter said their vows on the lower dock, they shared their first kiss as onlookers cheered from across the cove!

For Hunter & Ashlee’s elopement, the saying “when it rains, it pours” doesn’t just apply to metaphorically though, it applies literally! What started as a gorgeous calm day for their elopement at Smith Mountain Lake quickly grew into racing storms and ended with one of the most indescribable sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. For Hunter & Ashlee’s summer elopement at Smith Mountain Lake and the Blue Ridge Parkway, their pictures are worth a thousand words and a legacy to live for generations to come!

Ceremony Location: Private Property (Hunter’s family lake house)
Couples  Photo Location: Blue Ridge Parkway
Hair & Makeup: Herself
Dress Alterations: La Di Design
Dress Designer: Stella York
Officiant: Jared Walters