Valentine's Day Group Wedding in Loveland, CO : Charissa + Ralph

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! If you’ve been following along this week we’ve been counting down to today with a new elopement or tiny wedding feature every day.

So what did we save for Valentine’s Day? A group wedding!

Loveland Colorado is known as the “Sweetheart City” and it only makes sense that people would flock to it for Valentine’s Day. So 29 years ago one of the ski resorts started doing a Mountain Matrimony ceremony for couples wanting to get married or renew their vows at 12,050 feet!

This option is not for the newbie though as you must take the lift up to the top and then snowboard or ski down to the location of the ceremony (including your guests). The group ceremony is then preformed all together and couples can stay and enjoy cake and drinks at the afterparty and/or ski and snowboard. Tickets are required to attend and you can find more information here –

In 2017 they decided to start doing a group wedding in the city for those of us who aren’t quite so athletic! You can get married with a valid marriage license and/or renew your vows. The location changes each year. Tickers and registration are required. You can find more information here –

Charissa and Ralph chose the ski resort option and arrived to their ceremony in style via snowboard! I love everything about this! Charissa opted to wear a white snowboarding outfit and Ralph rocked a suit and tie. Not only did they snowboard in, but they brought along a bouquet and a Just Married sign for some photos which took some skill and balance!

They married along side many other couples and then spent some time doing photos before joining their family for dinner later that night to continue the celebration.

Please enjoy their elopement day and some Q&A from the couple. Happy Valentines!!!

Photography : Jacie Marguerite Fine Art Photographer

Location: Loveland Ski Area

Where did you meet?

We met at Myrtle Beach, SC through our common friends.

How did you decide on this location for your elopement?

It was unique and we both love snowboarding. The biggest challenge was looking for a perfect wedding attire that would keep us warm throughout the ceremony and going down the mountain. Loveland is known for being one of the best ski/snowboarding wedding destinations.

Did you tell anyone ahead of time or truly elope?

Month’s before we started posting on social media about our preparations. None of our family members could make it or knew how to do winter sports so we just ate dinner with them later that night of our wedding day. We decided to have a traditional wedding in the future together with our families and friends.

What was your favorite part of the day?

The wedding ceremony because you can feel the happiness of everyone that got married that day.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their elopements?

Don’t stress yourself and enjoy every moment.