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We began underwater, scuba careered our way around the world. Our work was always writing, photography, travel. Finding myself eloping I vowed to encourage my kids to do the same. I developed a home based production studio that still knows how to get up and fly. Drones are a beautiful elopement photography tools we use all the time. Photography is our strength but video is right there along side it. And we do love a good planning challenge…so ask us for the recommendations only a local can give you. Florida Keys or London. We help couples source items that add their utterly unique moment.

Elopements are precious, they are momentous, intimate and intense. Our elopement ceremony is as clear today as it was then. When there is less distraction the world is focused. You design it. You can goof around or plan it to perfection. Spontaneity is everything, but precise details are too. Elopement photo, video and drone. With a bit of planning, we can totally bring the props.

Nada Khalaf-JONES

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Meet Key Largo’s iconic elopement photographer, with video skills that help the memories stay fluid, our drone also brings an elevated angle to all the work we’ve done since 1999. Nada Khalaf-Jones Photo Film Drone LLC puts you at the center of the screen. Featured by multiple magazines in the USA, we are published and love that.

Our work has been video and photo all along the way. So we understand the needs of both skills. We offer both to you as a small elopement, it’s perfect for that. With gimbals and steady hands capturing your slight smiles, subtle tells and outward expressions is easy.

Our life began as an excited adventure. It has continued that way, and to this day our children seem to be afflicted with it, so I know it’s something in our MO. I believe travel is the antidote to many things. I’m happy to say I’ve travelled a lot. My life changed because I travelled. I met my husband in the Persian Gulf during Gulf War II. He was a Navy Aviator and I was the boss of a dive center on the coast off of Korfakan in the United Arab Emirates. And photography was my thing the too, underwater mainly. He wanted me to start a life with him in San Diego. I said ‘the water is cold there.’

Fast forward 25 years and we are still adventuring. We have adventurous kids too. Well it’s what makes you passionate. The insatiable desire to learn and see and experience is within each of us. Travel is truly the antidote…

Our work skills come from successful global careers in journalism and scuba diving. Our interpersonal skills like patience and insight come from a range of careers in instruction, working with my brothers and sisters and father in the family business; optics, interviewing people for stories, and challenging myself to make brilliant stories with photo and video for my husbands tech company (which is a bit technical). Fave hobbies right now are building a landscaped yard, a forest, watering systems and good mixes of trees and vegetation. The other hobby is grilling on the Big Green Egg.

Most passionately right now is helping the local wedding vendors, hair and make up, flowers, cakes share their awesomeness with the world. Websites are the last thing creatives think about. I have a technical side to my brain that doesn’t shut up until it’s been fed. So building a website w good seo and keywords then sending them off to make a noise about themselves is a great fun adventure.

With adventure, creative style and patience, throw in some talented photo or video, and all these things are possible.

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