Welcome to What if We Elope!

Welcome to What if we elope! This site has been something I’ve had in my head for a couple years, and I finally decided to make the dream a reality in 2019.

I’ve been working with my awesome designers and developers (shout out to 2nd Street Creative out of Indy) since February to create the perfect website. And I’m happy to say it’s finally here!

So what is it? This site is a place for elopements to thrive. A place for couples to find vendors for their elopements and tiny weddings. And a place for vendors who specialize in elopements to showcase their skills and work.

And who am I? As a wedding photographer of 12 years I’ve spent the last few years shifting my business more and more towards elopements and tiny weddings. I was never the little girl that dreamed about a big wedding and a giant white ball gown (not that there is anything wrong with that). But growing up in a small town in Indiana those where the only types of weddings I knew. I thought that was what a wedding was for many years.

How did we get here? I started photographing weddings in 2008. Mostly big traditional weddings. And I did enjoy it, but I always felt like I didn’t fully connect with those as I just couldn’t get in the mind frame of wanting a huge weddings. Often the couples were almost playing the role of  bride and groom vs. actually enjoying their wedding wedding day.

In 2012 I moved to Chicago. Later that year I photographed my first city hall wedding with just the couple and everything changed. A new world of weddings opened up to me that hadn’t existed before. I wanted to do more and more of those kinds of weddings.

In 2014 I started my second business Elope to Chicago that specialized in just that! I pulled together my dream team of vendors to provide couples everything they need for an amazing day in the city, just on a smaller scale. As of the end of 2019 we will be close to 200 elopements! But it’s not about the number or the volume. It’s about the couples. It’s about making their wedding day what they want it to be, not what society tells us a wedding is “supposed” to be.

So when the idea for this site first came to mind I was determined to help other photographers, florists, officiants, etc. that are interested in elopements find that same joy I have when I see couples truly enjoying their day to the fullest.

Why is this site different? Yes there are many many other wedding website out there, but just like elopements break the mold, I hope this site will too. We will only be featuring elopements and tiny weddings. You’re not going to see a big church wedding here. You’re not going to see a blog post that is all details and one shot of the couple. You’re not going to see styled shoots and workshop images with everything perfectly placed. BUT, you will see real couples and real elopements. Whether that city hall couples or couples eloping on the side of a mountain we will feature a little bit a of everything.

For vendors you’ll have the option of a listing that allows multiple locations vs. locking you into one market. Couples will also be able to search for you by keyword not just location. So if they know they want a mountain elopement, but don’t know where they can search for those keywords as well!

So I hope you’ll click around and check back to the blog for inspiration and ideas. We are working on adding vendors to our directory every day. If you’re looking to be listed on the site please click on the pricing link above for more info and a huge sale for the first week the site is live.

Stay tuned for so so much more!